Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects realises doubling for Costa

Project Coordinator Daan Kristel explains...

Costa is located in New South Wales in Australia, near the village of Guyra. This client grows tomatoes for the Australian market.

The construction of the current project started in 2019. However, work temporarily halted, caused by the bushfires that raged in Australia at the end of 2019, but the project eventually resumed in September 2020. Daan Kristel (Project Coordinator) explains the details and gives an update of this project. He also explains how the cooperation with Costa contributes to this, despite the various challenges.

Smart solutions
Daan explains: "At the location in New South Wales, there were already two existing greenhouses. For this project Van der Hoeven is building two new greenhouses of five hectares each. We are also building a seperate nursery where young plants will be grown which in the future will be placed in the four operational greenhouses. In this nursery we are installing a cultivation floor to provide the young plants with water. Van der Hoeven has never placed such a cultivation floor in Australia before. And that is what makes this project so special. Special to apply in this country and therefore extra challenging for us to still exceed the customer's expectations. Using smart solutions at the start of a project, we can ensure a streamlined end result. A lot of time and energy was therefore put into the preparation. At this very moment, the construction of the cultivation floor is in full swing!"

A pleasant collaboration
"Our good preparation and the cooperation with Costa ensure that the progress of the project is going very well. Despite COVID-19 which we have to deal with worldwide, including Australia. I am therefore very pleased that everything is going according to plan so far," concludes Daan.

The project is expected to be completed by mid-2021.