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Once the construction of the greenhouse is complete, Van der Hoeven offers support during the start-up of various processes. For agronomic support, we provide the following options:

Cultivation Consultancy
Our Cultivation Consultant can be hired in to assist with various aspects and stages of the cultivation process. For instance, he can offer cultivation guidance during the greenhouse start-up phase, or deliver technical training. The frequency of assistance can be adjusted according to the client’s requirements at any particular time.

If you would like to engage the services of an agronomist, but are unsure how to find the right candidate, Van der Hoeven can search with you within our own network of agronomists. Taking into account location, cultivation experience, background etc., together we can help you to find the best match.

ModulAIR Platform
At Van der Hoeven, we believe knowledge sharing to be extremely important. This is why we decided to launch the ModulAIR Platform. The aim of the ModulAIR Platform is to facilitate – in an informal atmosphere – knowledge sharing between growers, to explain in detail the philosophy of the ModulAIR greenhouse, and to foster the development of relationships between participants that can be built on outside the ModulAIR Platform. The Platform is a recurrent event that will be held twice a year at different locations across the world, and which will be accessible for Van der Hoeven clients who have a semi-closed ModulAIR greenhouse or who are in the process of building one.

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Prior to the design and construction of a horticulture project, if required, Van der Hoeven can conduct a feasibility study. Taking into account the location and the specific climate conditions of the project, we will analyse the influence of external conditions such as temperature, air humidity and sunlight exposure per individual hour per year. With this information, our climate model can provide an extremely accurate indication of the components that will be necessary for an optimal yield. This information offers insight into what will occur in the future greenhouse and what challenges can be expected. Advice around the most advantageous planting date and the kinds of stresses the crops will experience and at which times, is extremely valuable and helps clarify the importance of the different options. The additional cost of special modifications or wishes can also be taken into account, to calculate how this will influence the payback period and to determine the general feasibility of the project. The result is presented in the form of location-based analyses, where climate, climate plus estimated yields or even a complete financial model can be selected.

Building a greenhouse is primarily about organization and coordination. With our extensive experience, Van der Hoeven is accustomed to taking responsibility for the entire project management. Because we can be involved in your project right from the advisory stage, we know all the ins and outs of your future greenhouse. We provide a single point of contact for all your questions: your own project manager has knowledge of every possible aspect that may be relevant for the realization of your greenhouse. Organization, logistics, technical elements: the project manager is the direct link between your own team and the team of specialists from Van der Hoeven.

Good project management can make the difference between a good and an excellent realization of the project. That is why, right from the orientation phase, we closely consider all the wishes and requirements – not least, the requirements around (food) safety. As a supplier with worldwide experience, we are used to operating under the most diverse circumstances. An important aspect of efficient project management is, of course, a good after sales service. Van der Hoeven is here to help you once the project is completed, so that nothing will stand in the way of your achieving the best possible cultivation.

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