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Joining forces after years of successful collaboration with partner Yonghong

Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects launches the first joint venture ever set up in China by a company of its kind. Together with its partner Kunshan Yonghong Greenhouse Co., Ltd., Van der Hoeven takes an important step in the chain. This groundbreaking collaboration makes them the largest and most complete turnkey greenhouse supplier. This joint venture will be named Jiangsu Van der Hoeven Yonghong Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd.

A complete full-service supplier
Both companies have been active in the Chinese market for years. Van der Hoeven has realized impressive projects for various customers in China. In addition, Yonghong has already built many hectares of semi-closed greenhouses. Because these two companies are joining forces, a team of high-quality Dutch greenhouse and climate specialists, and Chinese producers of local materials and construction crews is created. This results in a one-stop-shopping concept: customers can turn to a single point of contact for a complete high-tech project.

Bob Hunsche (Manager Sales at Van der Hoeven and Director of the joint venture) explains: "With this collaboration we offer our customers something unique. Where other companies only have a representative office, we will go over and beyond. A complete team of specialists, purchasers and experienced construction crews from Yonghong will be complemented by Van der Hoeven with a large team of engineers and experts."

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100% collaboration: revolutionary in the chain
In practical terms, this construction will proceed as follows: customers will receive one complete quotation, after which Van der Hoeven will realize the entire project together with Yonghong. This means that Jiangsu Van der Hoeven Yonghong will not hire any other (sub)contractors, which is a distinguishing feature compared to all other companies in the market.

Karin Chen (Vice Chairman of the Board) says: "With this step, we are responding excellently to the opportunities that currently exist in the Chinese market. A combination of design & engineering, import of materials, local production & purchasing, construction and installation all at one company was not yet possible for high-tech semi-closed greenhouses. In addition, the collaboration with Van der Hoeven offers us a unique opportunity to support customers with autonomous cultivation. Van der Hoeven won the prestigious Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge in 2020, where they have shown that they can also provide excellent support to the customer from a cultivation point of view. Recently, they also won the Global Innovation Award, which was a honorable recognition for their innovative climate solutions."

Expertise in varying climates combined with cultivation support
Van der Hoeven builds projects at locations with challenging climatic conditions. Each location or client requires a different turn-key solution and a customized design. The cultivation process is mainly supported by Artificial Intelligence. This is completed with the support of Van der Hoeven's own growers and a network of experienced crop specialists. The many projects that have been realized in regions such as Japan, the Middle East, and China are proof of this.

Tailor-made energy solutions through advanced technology
In addition to the above expertise, tailor-made energy solutions are created, which are focused on the specific needs of the customer and location. Customers are carefully guided and supported by energy and sustainability specialists. “To achieve all this, the most advanced technology is used to build greenhouses ready for a sustainable future. In this, sustainability and low energy cost (and risks) are often complementary rather than competing,” according to Tim Tijsma (Energy & Sustainability Manager).

The joint venture is ready for the future and eager to make a difference. Interested parties will be kept informed of developments through our WeChat channel, which can be accessed via the QR code above. Jiangsu Van der Hoeven Yonghong is looking forward to this revolutionary partnership!

A powerful collaboration in the chain

For many decades, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects has a successful collaboration with Rijk Zwaan. Rijk Zwaan is an international vegetable breeding company with over 3500 employees in 30 different countries. All international construction activities are managed from the Netherlands. We have already realised many projects for this client and this year, as always, we are again working on several projects. What makes our relationship so powerful and successful? And which projects have been jointly realized over the years?

The basis of success
Through years of cooperation, we mutually know what we can expect from each other. We complement each other proactively. Jan van der Lee (Engineer, Van der Hoeven) has been one of Rijk Zwaan's contact person for many years and says: "The basis of our success is the mutual trust we have in each other, which you notice during the projects, in every layer of cooperation. In this way we know exactly what we have to each other and how we can help each other further. Everything for an optimal result perfectly tailored to the client and within the predefined frames."

On 22 October 2020, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects hosted the fifth ModulAIR Platform. Previous editions took place at client sites such as Sundrop in Australia and Tom d'Aqui in France, but this time an online version was organised: the ModulAIR Platform Online. Clients from across the globe came together at the same time, in the early European morning.

During the Online Platform, there were various knowledge sessions covering topics such as the latest developments in the field of cultivation in the semi-closed ModulAIR greenhouse. Following Van der Hoeven's victory as winners of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge in June this year, there was also an in-depth explanation of autonomous cultivation and the knowledge that is being implemented for a large number of clients in Europe and Australia by our team of specialists and experts. Clients were also told about innovations and R&D developments in the area of sustainability that Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is currently working on.


A unique project for Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects in Abu Dhabi

Armela Farms is a large-scale producer, packer and distributor of water-grown lettuce in the United Arab Emirates. The company's mission is to produce high-quality lettuce with a high nutritional value in order to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Following the launch of the first production location in 2016, research was carried out into techniques, varieties and optimal climate conditions. They had their first harvest in August 2018. The construction of a new production location has recently started and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021: the largest fully automated lettuce greenhouse in the United Arab Emirates. Which smart solutions are being applied at Armela Farms? How does the customer experiences this?

Excellent horticultural technology
Armela Farms chose Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects as a turnkey supplier for the new production facility. They will use specialised technologies from various Dutch suppliers and our colleagues at Patron Agri Systems. In collaboration with these partners, Armela Farms will realise a two-hectare, fully automated, data-driven cultivation company – the largest of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. The company is located in Abu Dhabi and will be able to grow over nine million lettuce heads per year, which amounts to 2.3 million kilograms per year. Harvesting will take place all year round.

The construction is starting

The construction of this unique project has started: not only the first semi-closed glass lettuce greenhouse in Egypt, but anywhere on the African continent. Just outside Cairo, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects will deliver a turn-key project in which both climate and plant density are fully optimised for the entire cultivation process. The total size of the greenhouse is approximately 2.5 hectares, in which high-quality herbs and lettuce will be grown. Which techniques and solutions are used? And what does this yield for the customer?

Excellent in horticultural technology
In 2018 Van der Hoeven began to work closely with a major regional investor along with an experienced local team of growers and engineers, to build the continent’s first top-tech horticultural project. The Van der Hoeven team set to work on the complex issue: adapting the European standard designs to fit local circumstances, to build a project with the most advanced greenhouse technology.


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