We advise clients on project development scenarios in terms of economics and sustainability profile.

Taking into account the location and the specific climate conditions of the project, we will analyze the influence of external conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and solar irradiance . With this information, our climate model can provide an optimized configuration of the components that will be needed to create the ideal crop-specific greenhouse climate, resulting in maximized yields.
Subsequently, our model can accurately project yields of produce and quantities of consumables required, including water and energy, throughout the entire design life. Together with the calculated Capex requirement, the model will provide an internal rate of return (IRR) range.
Furthermore, we can provide various IRR sensitivity analyses for the key project risks defined (e.g., energy prices, offtake price, and yield curve during start-up).

In parallel to the financial engineering, our sustainability engineers will define the levelized footprint of produce. That entails the entire CO2-equivalent and water discharge over the design life of the controlled-environment agricultural (CEA) infrastructure, taking into account both design & build stages as well as the operational & logistical phases.

Ultimately, by providing both economical and sustainability insights, our advisory service aims to navigate our clients towards responsible project decision making for a better future.