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ModulAIR is the result of continued development of the closed greenhouse design. Van der Hoeven has created their own semi-closed design in which the problems of the closed greenhouses were solved and an optimal balance between traditional and future was found.

ModulAIR is the semi-closed greenhouse system from Van der Hoeven.

The benefits of a ModulAIR greenhouse: 
• a better controlled climate in the greenhouse
• optimal use of energy and CO2
• minimal use of pesticides
• better crop quality
• sustainable production

A combination of these factors leads to a higher return on your investment. By adjusting ModulAIR step by step to the demands of the crop, the local climate, and the availability and the cost of energy, the client chooses the ideal composition of the different elements. In some geographical areas, dehumidifying alone will be sufficient to achieve good results. In other cases, cooling will be of essential importance.

Read our ModulAIR flyer to find out more about the semi-closed greenhouse system from Van der Hoeven.

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