Our Innovations

Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is proud to be the most innovative greenhouse builder in the world. With our dedicated team of professionals, we work on innovating our greenhouses on a daily basis.

For every crop a solution

We use high-tech autonomous systems to deliver solutions for the large-scale, efficient and circular production of any crop, no matter what the climate.

Thanks to our in-house R&D team, we are continuously pushing the boundaries. Our specialists combine expertise in a wide range of fields ranging from plant physiology and mechanical systems to climate, water and energy. We engage in intensive collaborations with renowned knowledge institutions, such as Wageningen University, TU Delft and TNO. Our goal is to be and remain a leader in the development of innovative and efficient high-tech solutions, while achieving as much circularity as possible.

Achieving progress in every area

Our R&D team is continuously focused on making progress in every area. For example, it is currently working on climate control, where alternative energy sources could one day render fossil-fuel consumption obsolete. Combined with the revolutionary ModulAIR system, ideal greenhouse conditions are a reality even in regions with extremely challenging climates. By reusing residual flows, a modern greenhouse company can minimize its need for water and fertilizers. It is also possible to reuse industrial water in certain locations, or to desalinate sea water or use sea water for cooling. Some of Van der Hoeven’s research is even concentrated on recondensing the water that evaporates from crops.

Van der Hoeven is continually focused on the possibilities for using residual water flows in the greenhouse. These could include industrial and sanitary wastewater, desalinated seawater or evaporation water.

Our focus areas

Climate control

  • Efficient solutions for hot and humid climates
  • Patented night-cooling
  • Patent on proprietary, more efficient semi-closed ModulAIR concept
  • Homogenous airflow
  • Patented ventilation ridge
  • Own testing and verification of climate system as input for our advisory models

Water efficiency

  • Develop and implement technology (see image below)
  • Own exclusive verified quality water table as input for advisory
  • Innovative (published) water solutions

Cultivation systems

  • Moving Gully System (MGS) for leafy greens
  • Semi-closed strawberry greenhouses
  • Patented concept

Autonomous growing including sensoring with our partner Source

  • Maximizing the ROI for clients during operations, by risk reduction and maximizing efficiency