Our Innovations

Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is proud to be the most innovative greenhouse builder in the world. With our dedicated team of professionals, we work on innovating our greenhouses on a daily basis.

With in-house designers, engineers and our own R&D and Sustainability department, we stay ahead of the game and anticipate upon questions and trends in the field of horticulture across the world. This results in the most efficient, sustainable, and productive greenhouses.

For every crop a solution

Van der Hoeven is pioneer in new and innovative cultivation methods for existing and promising crops.

At Van der Hoeven we can build anything from traditional Venlo-type greenhouses to advanced ModulAIR greenhouses for tomatoes, but we don’t’ stop there. We keep innovating in cultivation systems and in growing different types of crops.

With our inhouse developed semi-closed strawberry and leafy greens concepts, a year round production of high quality produce anywhere is guaranteed.

Water efficient greenhouses

Water recycling and reuse are indispensable components of Van der Hoeven projects: essential to save on costs, while also harnessing one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

Horticulture already requires less irrigation water than open-field agriculture, but with the right combination of smart design and cutting-edge technologies the water demand can be reduced even further, in Van der Hoeven's high-tech systems approaching almost zero.