As a business advisor, we focus on every aspect of each client’s business operations

Implementing a new horticulture project is always a combination of several disciplines, including crop production, energy, water, finance and labour. Van der Hoeven has specialists in all of these fields: people who are ready to translate your ideas into a successful, solidly thought-out plan. Van der Hoeven is also a trusted advisor; we are used to relieving our clients of all burdens. Our involvement extends far beyond the building of the actual greenhouse.

Not every company that approaches us with a CEA production project has all of the details worked out in advance. They may not even have a background in growing. In particular, clients in countries where professional greenhouse horticulture is less common may have a greater need for specialist expertise. As an experienced consultancy partner, we are in an excellent position to provide this service. We have been involved in a wide range of projects all over the world from the very beginning, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and advice with a focus on your commercial success. We always consider what would be the best fit for your climate zone, your market and the resources at your disposal.

Full-service advisor

Our advice extends further than just the technical side of your project. You can rely on our expertise across the entire scope of your business operations, including logistics, marketing, sales and packaging. We can also help you to take your HR policy and sustainability to the next level so that you can build a solid business case.

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Feasibility studies and scenarios

By conducting feasibility studies at an early stage, you will gain a clear picture of what return you can expect on your investment, as well as anticipated production levels and energy use. Drawing up a range of scenarios provides insight into what could happen in the case of changes to certain variables, such as the size of the project, its location, layout, crop or cultivation system. Thorough risk management will reveal factors that you need to be prepared for, such as rising energy costs. There is an answer to every question: a reliable answer, based on sound market knowledge and our own in-house models.