Poly greenhouses
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The poly greenhouses from Van der Hoeven, manufactured by partner Van den Heuvel, have been designed in accordance with the strict European greenhouse standards, and have a flexible shell. The steel structure is hot-dip galvanized (HDG), and steel and aluminium profiles are used for securing the film. The poly greenhouses have the perfect roof pitch, which prevents the condensate water from falling on the plants.

Other advantages:

  • enormous ventilation capacity due to the large ventilation window panels
  • unique film tensioning system which prolongs the lifespan of this system
  • single or double layered film, easy to install and replace
  • easy installation of horizontal screens
  • suitable for greenhouses containing insects

By using the latest films, an exceptionally good ventilation capacity is realized, which ensures a better climate for the plants. One of the most popular types of film is the F clean, known for its long lifespan and its ability to allow maximum UV light transmission.

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