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In a short space of time, greenhouses have become much larger and more complex than ever before. For this reason, many clients opt for turnkey projects. These kinds of projects place high demands on the greenhouse constructor. After all, no longer is it simply about building the greenhouse: nowadays, your greenhouse constructor must also be able to take responsibility for the optimal integration of all the systems within the greenhouse. Van der Hoeven can do all this and more! We have the expertise to take on the central, coordinating role within the project. Right from the start we will ensure that the correct planning schedule is in place, and will guide all the partners involved in the project. Because we have all the core elements of any project – greenhouse and heating – in house, the perfect integration of greenhouse and installations is guaranteed. Other specialisms, from irrigation to automation and internal transport, are delivered by our trusted partners and suppliers. This way of working ensures extremely short lines of communication, which leads to maximum efficiency. You can rest assured that your project will be delivered on time, and in accordance with the requirements you have specified for your project. With Van der Hoeven, turnkey really does mean turnkey: precisely according to your specifications as client. Tailor made for you.

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ModulAIR is the result of continued development of the closed greenhouse design. Van der Hoeven has created their own semi-closed design in which the problems of the closed greenhouses were solved and an optimal balance between traditional and future was found.

ModulAIR is the semi-closed greenhouse system from Van der Hoeven.

The benefits of a ModulAIR greenhouse: 
• a better controlled climate in the greenhouse
• optimal use of energy and CO2
• minimal use of pesticides
• better crop quality
• sustainable production

A combination of these factors leads to a higher return on your investment. By adjusting ModulAIR step by step to the demands of the crop, the local climate, and the availability and the cost of energy, the client chooses the ideal composition of the different elements. In some geographical areas, dehumidifying alone will be sufficient to achieve good results. In other cases, cooling will be of essential importance.

Read our ModulAIR flyer to find out more about the semi-closed greenhouse system from Van der Hoeven.

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With the development of HACo (Hygroscopic Adiabatic Cooling), a major, practical step has been made towards the cultivation of plants and crops in horticultural greenhouses in tropical climates. With this, we as a sector are better able to facilitate the growth of a worldwide horticulture industry. The main problem with humid climates is the extremely high-energy consumption required for condensing the moisture from the air, and it is the reuse of this latent energy that makes HACo so innovative. HACo has significantly broadened the range of climates in which ModulAIR (semi-closed) horticultural greenhouses can be deployed. Where HACo is added to the ModulAIR system, the interior climate can be treated and controlled with the precision of a semi-closed system, despite the higher air humidity and more challenging nature of the tropical environment. What’s more, the system runs predominantly on heat as energy, which allows energy sources such as biomass power plants to be used, with only a small amount of additional electrical power required for the other components.

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The unique character of HACo within the ModulAIR system manifests itself through:

  • an applicable solution for cultivation in tropical climates
  • the high degree of precision of control over the interior climate by the semi-closed system
  • optimal use of energy and CO2
  • the low energy consumption
  • the higher yields
  • minimal use of pesticides
  • sustainable production


The planet’s reserves of fossil fuels are gradually being exhausted, and alternative energy sources are increasingly being sought. Solar energy can be an appealing alternative to fossil fuels. With our solar greenhouse NOVI-SOL, we have created proven, innovative solutions and have been able to flexibly build on new technological developments. The solar panels are perfectly integrated within the roof construction of the greenhouse, resulting in maximum efficiency and energy yield.

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