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Takeover strengthens market position within the sector and underlines focus on innovation

The executive boards of Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects and Patron/Enthoven Techniek have agreed that as of today Patron/Enthoven will become a division of Van der Hoeven. Last Friday, Peter Spaans and Martin Steentjes from Van der Hoeven and Ronald Begelinger from Patron/Enthoven informed the employees of both companies about the takeover.

The takeover of Patron/Enthoven meets the growth ambition of Van der Hoeven and the broadening of the services package will further strengthen the position of Van der Hoeven in the market. As neighbours in Den Hoorn and doing complementary businesses in the sector both Van der Hoeven and Patron/Enthoven have a long history of intensive and successful collaboration on horticultural projects throughout the entire world. By combining their strengths, this collaboration will be intensified even further and the total organisation will be taken to a higher level. This will then enable them to serve the international market even better with innovative turn-key horticultural projects.

Peter Spaans, Managing Director of Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects:
“The growing market for high-tech turn-key total solutions calls for a greater level of integration between all the systems and installations. Our innovative projects will benefit the most from this bundling of forces.”

The integration of Patron/Enthoven within the organisation of Van der Hoeven will take place in phases, whereby Ronald Begelinger, as the Managing Director of Patron/Enthoven, will guide the organisation through this transition.

Ronald Begelinger, Managing Director of Patron Agri Systems/Enthoven Techniek:
“In recent years, we have been working together on increasingly complex projects. Combined with the shared strategic vision of both executive boards, this has evolved into a natural collaboration between the two companies. The integration of Patron within Van der Hoeven is a logical development that will make both companies stronger.”

Both executive boards are excited about the takeover, and will be making the integration of the two companies a major priority over the coming period. However, they are keen to emphasise that the current business operations will be continuing in the normal way.

About Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects B.V.
Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is a supplier of innovative turn-key horticultural projects worldwide. With 70 professionals, it provides customised services to growers and investors so they can get the maximum return on their investment. During the realisation of a project, every aspect is taken care of for the customer by providing them with high quality, reliability, professionalism, and advanced technical solutions.

About Patron Agri Systems B.V./Enthoven Techniek B.V.
Patron Agri Systems and Enthoven Techniek are sister companies, and with 60 employees they offer a complete range of technical installations for the greenhouse horticulture sector around the world. The organisation advises, designs, and builds water, electrical, climate control, and lighting systems in order to create high quality, innovative solutions that generate a maximum return on investment for the customer.

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