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In November 2015, we successfully completed the first phase of the project in Ekibastuz. In the meantime, the same customer has signed a contract within a year for an extension by another 5 hectares. During the design phase, it was agreed to set up the 2nd phase for vegetable cultivation, not for growing roses like phase 1.

In addition, working with the customer, we researched the option of sourcing bulky materials locally. In the end, a large number of components will be produced and purchased in both Kazakhstan and Russia. Van der Hoeven supplied the design, and during the local production process we supplied the necessary support, which meant that the customer saved a lot of money on transport and import duties, while still guaranteeing the same quality. A win-win situation.

The 2nd phase is linked to phase 1 and uses the same residual heat supply: an external power plant. To achieve the desired CO2 level in the greenhouse, use is also made of a gas boiler. At the end of October, the young plants were grown and placed in the greenhouse. Van der Hoeven also assisted the customer with this process. Our own crop consultant is regularly on site and a Dutch grower is continuously present on the project, in order to make sure the growing process runs as smoothly as possible.

The greenhouse should be fully productive by the end of the year. This is making the client extremely happy, as they wanted it to be ready before the real Kazakh winter sets in. Local prices are already rising steeply!



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