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The United Arab Emirates are surely not the most likely location where you would expect to see a greenhouse! No longer true, the development of our intelligent and sustainable HACo system makes it possible to cultivate plants properly even in this difficult desert climate. 

With the addition of hygroscopic dehumidification to our ModulAIR system, we have made it possible to extend vegetable growing to even more extreme climates. Because HACo had already opened the gateway to significantly warmer and more humid climates, it is now the turn of the Emirates climate, and even this challenging climate has become manageable. 

This climate is characterised by huge extremes by day and by night. While the daytime can still be managed on the whole using the evaporative cooling, it is the night-time temperature that restricts the choice of cooling options. Due to the high humidity, it is simply not possible to use evaporative cooling at night. The night cooling can be achieved using HACo, however, with a specific technical adjustment, which handles the internal climate. This way, not only can we work at a fraction of the energy costs, but by recovering pure water and also giving the option of using the same system for multiple functions (cooling, dehumidifying and heating) we offer growers multiple different options to improve their climate.

Combined with a double screen for a more even climate distribution, this project will in future be the pioneer in the United Arab Emirates for greenhouses in the desert. 

This latest variant of ModulAIR is unprecedented, thanks to:
- recovery of moisture during the night,
- achieving a low night temperature,
- a new improved type of protective screening fabric for ModulAIR for even better homogeneity and maximum use of light,
- year-round cultivation in a desert climate for significantly lower operational costs.



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