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The first large order for greenhouses with the patented HACo system comes from Japan. This horticultural project covers 128,269 m² and consists of three greenhouses where lettuce, tomatoes and peppers will be grown. 

HACo - the solution for cultivation in climates where there is high humidity.
It is well known that cool summers in temperate zones can change from fresh and sunny to warm and sultry. This usually happens for just a few days each year, but in sub-tropical climates, with warm, humid summers, it is more often than not.

HACo, hygroscopic adiabatic cooling, now provides a solution for these climate zones. It can actively cool at any time of day, with minimal impact on its efficiency. In addition, thanks to energy retention, the system is more efficient than traditional chillers. This combination offers the possibility of capping the peaks in the middle of the day, despite sunshine, and helping to apply a rapid pre-night.

The external latent heat that is absorbed in order to maintain the internal conditions, can be handled at several levels, thanks to its smart construction. This means that the system offers multiple levels, and therefore more control than a simple "on/off" option:

  • ModulAIR with a single pad, excellent for relatively dry times
  • ModulAIR with two single pads, optimum results for adiabatic cooling
  • ModulAIR with HACo, actively extracting latent heat to move down to a third level

HACo is fully engaged when relatively moist air occurs and it achieves its high level of efficiency by not destroying the latent heat but capturing it, and where possible, re-using it. HACo really comes into its own in climates such as in Japan, where very high humidity represents a major challenge. Withdrawing latent energy is what every cooling system does, but not destroying it is how it can be achieved using less energy.

This introduction of HACo into the ModulAIR system delivers an expansion of the global footprint for semi-closed systems. Combined with our active support to achieve the best possible result, this means that Van der Hoeven delivers the most complete package on the market. 

If you would like to receive more information about the patented HACo system from Van der Hoeven, please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: (+31) 88 262 66 66. 


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