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On 22 October 2020, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects hosted the fifth ModulAIR Platform. Previous editions took place at client sites such as Sundrop in Australia and Tom d'Aqui in France, but this time an online version was organised: the ModulAIR Platform Online. Clients from across the globe came together at the same time, in the early European morning.

During the Online Platform, there were various knowledge sessions covering topics such as the latest developments in the field of cultivation in the semi-closed ModulAIR greenhouse. Following Van der Hoeven's victory as winners of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge in June this year, there was also an in-depth explanation of autonomous cultivation and the knowledge that is being implemented for a large number of clients in Europe and Australia by our team of specialists and experts. Clients were also told about innovations and R&D developments in the area of sustainability that Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is currently working on.


In addition, various clients gave updates on how their companies are developing and the factors that are currently playing a key role in business operations, such as COVID-19 and ToBRFV. There were great in-depth discussions in which clients were able to share their experiences and visions. Participants found this particularly useful, as noted by a Canadian grower who participated well into the Canadian night-time: “Thank you all, it was the best use of midnight in a long time!”

This year, we also welcomed a number of new participants within the ModulAIR knowledge group, including the Managing Director of a leading lettuce company in Egypt. He said: “As Van der Hoeven is building a new greenhouse for us at this moment, I will soon be using the ModulAIR system. I really enjoyed the online event, as I learned more about the current and future state of the technology, and also got to hear about the experiences of others who have been using it for years now.”

The ModulAIR Platform was set up in 2017 in order to promote knowledge sharing between global users of ModulAIR greenhouses. There were large numbers of participants present and the mutual interaction was particularly appreciated. Ideas for the next ModulAIR Platform Online are already on the table and will be developed over the coming months.

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