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The United Arab Emirates are surely not the most likely location where you would expect to see a greenhouse! No longer true, the development of our intelligent and sustainable HACo system makes it possible to cultivate plants properly even in this difficult desert climate. 

In November 2015, we successfully completed the first phase of the project in Ekibastuz. In the meantime, the same customer has signed a contract within a year for an extension by another 5 hectares. During the design phase, it was agreed to set up the 2nd phase for vegetable cultivation, not for growing roses like phase 1.

Cycle racing is a favourite sport among Van der Hoeven employees. So we have had cycling kits made. These kits are now in use, and were worn already for a competition.

The first large order for greenhouses with the patented HACo system comes from Japan. This horticultural project covers 128,269 m² and consists of three greenhouses where lettuce, tomatoes and peppers will be grown. 

Hygroscopic Adiabatic Cooling (HACo)
HACo forms the first serious and practical step towards operating greenhouses in more tropical climates and facilitating a horticultural food industry across the entire planet. The problem with humid climates lies in the large energy consumption of the condensation of moisture, actually re-using this energy is what makes HACo such an innovation.


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