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Our R&D department is made up of experts in the fields of energy, product design, water, cultivation, simulation and data science. Our vision is to enable large-scale, safe, sustainable, efficient food production everywhere in the world using high-quality greenhouses with a high degree of automation. We do this in all possible climates.

We are working on:
- New cultivation systems, for new crops in new climates, which ensure higher yields;
- More efficient heating and cooling systems, which enable large-scale efficient pro-duction of vegetables in all climates with low energy consumption and therefore low costs, such as our HACo system;
- More effective air distribution systems for a more stable, homogenous greenhouse climate with higher yields in our ModulAIR greenhouses;
- New combinations in the use of sustainable energy, such as solar energy, biomass, ground-coupled heat exchangers, CHP and heat pumps;
- Water-saving solutions by closing the water flows;
- Cultivation support with the aid of data science and artificial intelligence.

We have broad experience in developing and implementing sustainable concepts, such as the integration of residual heat, solar energy, biomass, ground-coupled heat exchangers, CHP, heat pumps and water-saving solutions. This results in progressive projects as can be seen in projects we have realised such as:
- Sundrop
- Al Dahra Baywa

Van der Hoeven has test facilities where new cultivation systems can be tested internally. These facilities enable us to simulate the conditions in a greenhouse using LED lights and advanced ventilation systems.

Van der Hoeven is a system integrator. This means that we always work with partners to come up with the best solution for our clients, and this also applies to our R&D activities. Van der Hoeven has good relationships with all leading suppliers in the sector and with leading knowledge institutions such as TU Delft, Wageningen University and Research and TNO. We also maintain good relationships with clients. We work continuously to improve our greenhouses. In this way, we retain clients and constantly learn from our experiences. We also always collaborate with our partners in R&D. 'Alone you go faster, together you go further'.


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