Perfection Fresh, Australia

From waste to opportunity water: a semi-closed greenhouse successfully reusing sanitary wastewater as water resource for cooling and irrigation.

Innovative solutions

Technologies implemented in this project:

Perfection Fresh uses centrally treated domestic wastewater to meet its irrigation and cooling water demand, consistently supplying the greenhouse of recycled water, independent of natural water resources and climate. Further water purification processes take place on-site, where advanced treatment methodologies are used to meet the high water quality standards that are required for hydroponic irrigation water.

Combined heat and power generation (CHP) is used to supply electricity, heat, and CO2-rich exhaust to the greenhouses, while a biomass boiler is used for base load heating during the winter season.

Project description

Van der Hoeven’s Perfection Fresh greenhouse was the first semi-closed greenhouse with artificial lighting in Australia. To meet its water demand, Perfection Fresh uses both conventional and nonconventional resources. Rainwater is harvested on the roof, while treated domestic wastewater is collected from the Virginia Irrigation Scheme: Australia’s largest water recycling project. Here, more than half the output from Adelaide’s largest treatment facility, the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP), is made fit for unrestricted use in irrigation of vegetable crops.

This is achieved by feeding the treated wastewater effluent from the Bolivar WTP into a dissolved air flotation / filtration plant (DFF). Because cultivation in a hydroponic high-tech greenhouse has higher water quality requirements than open-field irrigation, the DFF effluent must undergo additional treatment before it can be applied in the greenhouse. For this reason, Perfection Fresh has an on-site treatment facility where advanced treatment technologies are used to further purify the treated wastewater. Together with the closed watering system, it is a reliable and sustainable way to guarantee a consistent supply of water, independent of the availability of natural water resources.

Overview of the Perfection Fresh nursery

Bolivar Wastewater Plant delivering fresh water

ModulAIR greenhouse technology and treated domestic wastewater: a perfect match for high quality produce from South Australia.

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